Vertex BD Training

Argos Systems offers live and private online training with one of our software support engineers.  Online sessions are typically broken into 2 hour or 4 hour sessions and can be scheduled over several days, at your convenience.  Attendees join via GoToMeeting®.  A high-speed Internet connection and a minimum of 2 hours is required. Please allow at least 2 weeks advanced notice.

Trainings can be tailored to fit your needs.   You can select from the following courses or customize your own list of topics:

Wall Framing: 8h, $1,600

  • 2x 4 hour online sessions.
  • Adding walls, doors & windows, framing macros, generating panel breaks, generating panel elevations, and editing framing pieces.
  • Adding and editing beams, columns, and other pieces using the profiles functions.
  • Generating and printing layout and elevation sheets.
  • Review reference drawings and layers functions. 
  • Generating material reports.

Roof Framing: 8h, $1,600

  • 2x 4 hour online sessions.
  • Adding and editing roofs using the standard roof functions and the roof generator functions.
  • Creating truss layouts and envelopes.
  • Creating roof rafters.
  • Generating material reports.
  • Exporting truss envelopes to a third-party engineering software.

Floor and Ceiling Framing: 4h, $800

  • 1x 4 hour online session.
  • Adding and editing floors and ceilings.
  • Generating floor joists.
  • Generating panel drawings and piece lists.

Architectural Modeling: 16h, $3,200

  • 4x 4 hour online sessions.
  • Adding walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings and roofs.
  • Adding finishing trims, furniture, and equipment.
  • Reviewing reference drawings and layers functions. 
  • Generating layout and elevation sheets.
  • Generating material reports.

Customizing Vertex BD: 6h, $1,200

  • 2x 3 hour online sessions.
  • Creating new doors, windows, and wall types.
  • Editing the Material Register and Stock Length databases.
  • Setting up custom drawing sheets.


*NOTE:  Argos Systems does not offer training for the Vertex BD Engineering add-on module.  It can only be provided by Vertex Systems in Australia, China, and UK.